Kingmate Electronics Co., Ltd provides a
comprehensive range of design, engineering and
manufacturing to original equipment manufacturing
companies in a wide variety of industries. Our services
are scaleable and we provide you with multiple entry points
for product design and manufacturing services, allowing you
to choose the appropriate products and services to meet your unique requirements.
Kingmate Electronics Co., Ltd also leverages our extensive design and manufacturing services to develop proprietary products for the industrial products. We are dedicated to providing creative, high quality electronic products and services for a changing world.
Kingmate quality program is based on ISO 9001:2008 Business Management System. Our strategic planning and balanced scorecard activities ensure that we position ourselves to
meet both your current and future needs. Strategic objectives and initiatives, and
performance goals of the Balanced Scorecard combined with operational improvement measures are the focus of weekly management review meetings. Exceptional customer
care makes quality our top priority. Kingmate is positioned with the necessary
services and expertise to become a leading electronic products in the world.
We are working hard to continue our success and in doing so we hope
to create a pool of good products in the world as well.
Kingmate Electronics Co., Ltd has had long running history and experience in manufacturing board to board connectors, FPC/FFC connectors. We're known as a leader in our industry because of our unmatched strengths in areas that are important to our
customers and critical to their business. From customer
support to top-notch talent and manufacturing prowess,
there are many good reasons why customers first turn
to Kingmate and remain loyal for years.
Kingmate offers customization of case design and
provides the best variety of full-range solutions for high
quality, value added, cost competitive products.
Kingmate emphasizes quick responses,dependable on
time delivery as well as good team work service to its customers
to reaching the win-win situation.
Kingmate also realizes environmental protection policy and proceeds lead free, cadmium free, non toxic manufacturing processes in conformity with ISO standards and regulations.